me1I am an astronomer at the South African Astronomical Observatory. My research focuses mainly on Galaxy Evolution and Large Scale structure. See my Research Interests for more details. Broadly I am interested in understanding how the Universe went from an initially smooth and uniform state to the wealth of structure we see around us today.

I have recently begun leading a collaboration to explore using the new SALT spectrograph, HRS, to study exoplanets.

I am always looking for talented students to join in my research.

My appearance on the 2012 edition of BBC 2’s Stargazing Live [below right] gives a nice, low level intro to my science interests:

Research Group

Former Members

  • Danièl Groenewald (PDP-funded SAAO/NWU PhD student, 2013–16) “The Growth of the most Massive Galaxies (Brightest Cluster Galaxies)”
  • Rudi Kuhn (PDP-funded SAAO postdoc, 2015–16) “Extra-Solar Planets with SALT-HRS”
  • Ros Skelton (PDP-funded SAAO postdoc, 2013–16) “The Growth of the most Massive Galaxies (Luminous Red Galaxies)”
  • J. Paul Kotze (PhD, UCT 2014) “Studying the Environmental Dependence of Star Formation Properties of Galaxies in the Abell 1437 Supercluster and its Surrounding Large Scale Structure”
  • Riona Ramraj (NASSP-funded UCT MSc student, 2013-4) “Exploring Star-formation in Dwarf Galaxies at z~1”

Latest publication (See Publications for full listing)

  • 2018MNRAS.474.4151D The WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey: final data release and the metallicity of UV-luminous galaxies Drinkwater, Michael J.; Byrne, Zachary J.; Blake, Chris; Glazebrook, Karl; Brough, Sarah; Colless, Matthew; Couch, Warrick; Croton, Darren J.; Croom, Scott M.; Davis, Tamara M.; Forster, Karl; Gilbank, David; Hinton, Samuel R.; Jelliffe, Ben; Jurek, Russell J.; Li, I.-hui; Martin, D. Christopher; Pimbblet, Kevin; Poole, Gregory B.; Pracy, Michael; and 7 coauthors Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 474, Issue 3, p.4151-4168 Mar 2018

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